But these aligners were.

5 reasons why



1. Play Your Sports or Instruments Just Like You Always Have

If you play an instrument or sport, simply remove your Invisalign Teen trays and play the way you always have. With traditional metal braces, you are subjected to an adjustment period or are required to buy expensive, braces-ready mouth guards. Invisalign Teen gives you the flexibility to be a teenager without restraints.

2. Eat the Foods You Love With Invisalign Teen

With traditional metal braces, there are certain dietary restrictions for the duration of your treatment. Foods like whole apples, carrots, caramels, and candies have to be either completely eliminated or modified to be appliance-friendly. Invisalign Teen utilizes removable trays, so you are able to enjoy the foods you love without damaging your appliance and extending your treatment time.

3. Extra Features Included With Invisalign Teen

In addition to all the great benefits of Invisalign, Invisalign Teen includes other features to help ensure a smooth, worry-free treatment process.

4. Worry-Free Aligner Schedule

Invisalign Teen comes with a blue-dot indicator on each aligner. When you wear your aligner for 20-22 hours a day (as recommended), the blue dot will fade to clear to let you know when it’s time for the next set of aligners. This gives you one less thing to worry about during your high school days, and it makes it easy for you to prove to your parents that you’re in compliance with your treatment!

5. Extra Aligners Included With Treatment

If your parents are worried that you might lose an aligner, they can rest easier knowing that Invisalign Teen has you covered! If you accidentally throw out your aligner with your lunch tray or leave it where the dog can eat it, you will have a few additional aligners available as a backup at no additional cost.

Wondering if Invisalign Teen
is right for you?


We can’t wait to meet you! Below is a rundown of what to expect during your first visit.

1. First, we’ll get to know your child to put them at ease.

2. After that, we’ll talk to you about your child’s smile.

3. Then, we’ll take digital x-rays and scans of your child’s smile.

4. Dr. Rubensteen will then examine your child’s smile and their pictures.

5. Finally, we’ll create a custom treatment plan just for your kiddo based on their lifestyle, their smile goals, and your budget.