You gave your little one their smile.

We’ll make it straighter & healthier.

At Miami Beach Orthodontics we see as young as 7 from Miami Beach, Miami Shores, North Beach & South Beach. The greatest thing about being able to see kids when their smiles are still developing is that we can monitor your child’s smile to ensure that if early intervention is needed, we can swoop in and get their smile back on track. By doing this we’re able to limit the need for tooth extractions later and more extensive treatment as well. Not to mention, the American Association of Orthodontists recommends all children be evaluated by an orthodontist by 7. So, if your little one is showing signs of an overbite, underbite, crossbite, or any other issue, reach out to us today so that we can evaluate your child’s smile.

The Importance of Early Evaluation

Bringing your kiddo in for an early evaluation doesn’t mean they’ll need early treatment. This visit is more about our team getting to know your child’s smile so we can monitor each tooth as it comes in. If your child does need early intervention, Dr. Rubensteen may suggest a two-phase treatment plan.

The Benefits of
Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatment

Dr. Rubensteen can both straighten your child’s teeth and align their jaw with little to no invasive treatment through our two-phase orthodontic treatment. This treatment works by guiding your child’s growth before their jaw has fully developed, ensuring that your child has a healthy and attractive smile for life.

During the first phase, certain appliances, which are determined on a case-by-case basis, will be used to assist in developing your child’s jaw size to accommodate his or her permanent teeth and to align their upper and lower jaws. In the second phase, which starts when your child’s permanent teeth are in, wearing braces is typically required for up to two years, followed by retainers, to ensure lasting results.

A Breakdown of
Two-Phase Treatment Benefits

  1. Children with teeth that are showing signs of crowding or have a misaligned jaw are great candidates for early intervention and a two-phase treatment plan.
  2. It’s easier to guide the alignment of your child’s upper and lower jaws while their jaws are developing rather than waiting until they are older.
  3. Early intervention provides sufficient room for your child’s permanent teeth to come in the correct way.
  4. Two-phase treatment can help prevent the need to remove any permanent teeth or have surgery later in life to align the upper and lower jaws properly.



We know choosing the right orthodontist for your little one is a big deal. That’s why we pride ourselves on providing exceptional children’s orthodontic care in the Miami Beach, Miami Shores, North Beach, and South Beach areas. During your child’s first visit, we’ll do the following:

1. First, we’ll get to know your child to put them at ease.

2. After that, we’ll talk to you about your child’s smile.

3. Then, we’ll take digital x-rays and scans of your child’s smile.

4. Dr. Rubensteen will then examine your child’s smile and their pictures.

5. Finally, we’ll create a custom treatment plan just for your kiddo based on their lifestyle, their smile goals, and your budget.